NZS4211 Designs

In 2010 the Department of Building and Housing indicated that the timber window industry had to take control of its own destiny and have windows that comply with NZS4211 or there would be no guarantees they would be accepted in the future. Due to this Master Joiners had to come up with a solution.

NZS 4211 is a Standard for the performance testing of individual windows and doors for exterior use.
Windows and doors, including the glazing system, are tested and can be labelled and certified as complying with one or more New Zealand wind zones.

The NZS 4211 Compliant Timber Joinery programme has been developed by a group of New Zealand Master Joiners who manufacture timber doors and windows and who label their products to certify that they comply with the requirements of NZS 4211 for the wind zone within which the products are installed.

For more information see Standards New Zealand.

Massive 2500mm Half Circle Window Frame

History - After 71 years, Seaboard Joinery Building in Marua Rd, is going down.

Massive 2500mm Half Circle Window Frame

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